It is our great pleasure to welcome you to the 1st European Conference on Chemistry of Two-Dimensional Materials (Chem2DMat), which will take place in Strasbourg on 22-26 August 2017.

During the first years of its exciting life, graphene was mostly a game for physicists. The most interesting discoveries and amazing results on graphene (including which eventually lead to the Nobel prize) were all obtained on mechanically exfoliated, perfect monolayers of graphene. Although such an approach was sufficient to render graphene a scientific breakthrough, it could hardly be up-scalable, thereby hampering any technological applications. Later, new methods to produce graphene on large scale were developed, based on chemical processing of graphite in solution or chemical growth of graphene on metals. During the last years, the chemistry of graphene has played an ever increasing role in the large-scale production, chemical functionalization and processing as well as in numerous applications of such material, and it has been expanded to various new 2D inorganic and organic materials. This conference aims at providing a forum to the rapidly growing community of scientists mastering the chemical approaches to 2D materials in order to fabricate systems and devices exhibiting tunable performance. The chemical approach offers absolute control over the structure of 2D materials at the atomic- or molecular-level and will thus serve as enabling strategy to develop unprecedented multifunctional systems, of different complexity, featuring exceptional physical or chemical properties with full control over the correlation between structure and function. 

The conference will cover all areas related to 2D materials' chemistry spanning their synthesis as well as their functionalization, using covalent and non-covalent approaches, for composites, foams and coatings, membranes, (bio-)sensing, (electro- and photo-)catalysis, energy conversion, harvesting and storage, electronics, nanomedicine, biomaterials, with sessions on the following themes:

  • Synthesis, processing and multiscale characterization
  • Bottom-up growth
  • Covalent and non-covalent functionalization
  • Synthetic two-dimensional materials
  • Design of 3D functional materials from layered systems


We are very much looking forward to your participation!

Chairs: Alberto Bianco & Paolo Samorì